Can Trustpilot be trustworthy

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When asked, “Are reviews on Trustpilot real? Can I trust them? ”Is how we report on all of our activities with which we ensure precisely this.

Trust in customer reviews is the essence of the Trustpilot community. Preserving the authenticity of the reviews and the trustworthiness of our portal is therefore one of our most important tasks.

We use a whole range of measures to ensure that the reviews on our portal reflect real purchase or service experiences with the rated companies, as well as to detect and remove fake reviews. Here is an overview of these different measures:

We are and act openly and transparently

Anyone can submit reviews. We give people who have had a purchase or service experience a platform for their feedback. The rated companies can see what is being written about them and respond to it - free of charge.

Collaboration wherever it matters. We work with the relevant authorities to help them establish industry standards and, wherever possible, with their investigations.

We are committed to integrity

24/7 fraud detection. We work tirelessly fighting fraudulent reviews and investigating suspicious activity. Our powerful, specially developed detection software works around the clock to find and inform us about suspicious patterns, suspicious activities and fraud. You can learn more about how we use our fraud detection software to combat fake reviews here.

Specialists. Our software is supported by investigators and other specialists who check fraudulent behavior and abuse on our portal. Our investigators also take action against anyone who solicits or offers to write fake reviews and reports such advertisements to the website hosts to ensure their removal.

Clear basic rules. We help everyone understand how to use Trustpilot correctly and in accordance with our guidelines. To support this, there are numerous helpful articles available in our support center. For example, we expect reviewers to adhere to our Reviewer Guidelines - it's easy with this easy-to-understand overview. Companies, on the other hand, have to adhere to our guidelines for companies - here you can get a quick overview.

Protective measures for consumers. We publish consumer warnings on company profiles to make our community aware that the respective company has abused our portal. If necessary, we also take disciplinary action, such as B. the termination of the contract between Trustpilot and companies that repeatedly violate our guidelines. We can also block reviewers if they misuse Trustpilot.

Our community is our greatest asset

An active community. It is well known that more eyes see more! Fake reviews and other fraudulent activities are happy to be exposed by our strong community.

Anyone can report reviews. Both consumers and businesses can report reviews if they have reasonable grounds to suspect that they violate our guidelines. Our content integrity team reviews every single reported review. We also ensure that the reporting function is not misused by consumers and companies.

Customer feedback is not subject to censorship. We value real feedback. That's why we don't moderate reviews, and we don't let companies pay us to remove reviews. Our rules and measures apply equally to all companies - regardless of whether they subscribe to our paid service or use our free service.

We take whistleblowers seriously. Anyone who notices fraudulent behavior or improper use of our portal can report this to us confidentially via our whistleblower function.

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