Why do companies hire employees

surveyMany companies don't know what their employees think

When it comes to employee satisfaction, German companies lag behind the USA, the Netherlands, Romania and Poland. This is shown by an international survey on behalf of the coworking provider Mindspace.

Around 5,000 employees from seven countries, including 1,000 from Germany, were asked about their job satisfaction. All respondents have office jobs, but work in a variety of industries including finance, law, IT, design, logistics and health.

The majority of employees (around 81 percent) are largely satisfied with their work. Almost every fifth employee is not, however. More than half of dissatisfied employees think about changing something about their unsatisfactory job situation. But more than one in four doesn't know how.

The working atmosphere, times and salary reduce commitment

The respondents attribute the lack of motivation primarily to a poor working atmosphere (41.3 percent), insufficient pay (40.1 percent) or a poor work-life balance (34.3 percent). More than two thirds of those surveyed would like flexible working hours (70.5 percent), more than half (63.2 percent) would like a financial bonus.

The respondents also have some suggestions for improvement in the workplace: In order to work more productively, around a third would like an office for up to six employees. Another third would like to work in an individual office. Better ventilation (35.7 percent), health-promoting furniture such as ergonomic office chairs (33.2 percent) and good lighting (25.6 percent) would also help to make everyday work easier.

30.5 percent of the companies do not communicate with employees

In order to increase the motivation of employees, employers are also in demand. More than one in three companies relies on employee surveys, and more than one in four relies on individual (29.1 percent) or team meetings (26.6 percent). Almost every third company does not exchange views with its employees at all. Around 30.5 percent of German companies don't know what their own employees think.

Conversely, almost every fourth employee does not feel valued at work (24.4 percent). Around a third also have the feeling that they are not being heard. On the other hand, corporate events and programs are particularly well received. Almost two out of three employees like the company events, and one in four even takes part in all the offers.