What are some gift ideas for children

Gifts for children

Flying giant fish for remote control

Air swimmers

9,95 €
For climbing, playing, chasing after

Children's zorbing wheel

69,95 €
Great firmer soap bubbles to catch

Durable soap bubbles you can touch

7,95 €
Available in many colors

Children's armchair with individual name embroidery

49,95 €
Like a small aquarium - only with a lot less effort

Shrimp ecosystem

24,95 €
High degree of roller hardness with tool accessories

Makrofit Waveboard Pro XL up to 95 kg with bag and light rollers

46,90 €
Silver-plated chain with communion saying

Necklace with pendant

11,85 €
With 3,300 questions and selection answers for children from 4 years!

Noris Games - Kids Quiz

8,99 €
Barbie's super vacation camper with transforming functions is full of surprises

Mattel Barbie - Great Dog Adventure

99,99 €
Nice memory for Anna and Elsa fans

The Frozen - Totally Cheeky Memory

10,47 €

Tinti treasure chest care fun

12,99 €
Barbie wears a new equestrian outfit and a rider's helmet for safety

Mattel Barbie - riding horse and doll

98,99 €
Vacation on the PLAYMOBIL luxury liner

PLAYMOBIL - cruise ship

79,90 €
With scanner, light and sound function, display and computer function, credit card slot with sound effects

Theo Klein - POS station with membrane keyboard

31,89 €
A friend's book in a flowery horse design

My friends - horse lovers

10,00 €
Learn all about the world of horses and ponies

Book tiptoi® - The world of horses and ponies

19,99 €
With height-adjustable push handle

Bayer Chic jogging buggy

22,76 €
Garden tools for little green fingers

Theo Klein - BOSCH garden set with wheelbarrow

18,99 €
Real meteorite including rubber chain

Shooting stars chain

39,95 €
Toothbrush tumbler and toothbrush

FC Bayern Munich Toothbrush Set Kids, 2 pcs.

10,91 €
The roof and side wall can be opened for optimal playability

Schleich - Mobile vet with Hanoverian foals

27,69 €
When painting on the block, the motifs emerge

Magic blocks

9,98 €
The aquarium can be filled with water

PLAYMOBIL - marine aquarium

63,49 €

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Fun for the whole family

Tomy children's game "Pop Up Pirate"

11,16 €
In a chic racing design

Big Wheel RX 205

83,99 €

Dollhouse Amelia

119,99 €
Glittering rhinestones on the body

Schleich - rainbow unicorn

11,99 €
Promotes creativity and skill

Noris games - hammer game

12,02 €

What you should pay attention to when making a child gift

It goes without saying that a child's present should spark enthusiasm in the offspring. But that alone shouldn't make the difference. What is also important:

  • it may no pollutants be included
  • also sharp edges or sharp objects are taboo
  • plays with clothes the size a crucial role
  • watch out for toys Age recommendations
  • on Seal of quality from independent testing institutes Value
  • GS seal, CE mark, Oeko-Tex Standard 100, The Blue Angel, "play well“Seals and many other certificates help with the purchase harmless products

Before you plunge into the colorful world of children's gifts, one more important piece of advice: Many parents do not like it when their children are given random gifts by friends, acquaintances and relatives. That is understandable, after all, they only want what is best for their child. In order to avoid that children receive things twice or something unnecessary, you should consult with the parents before shopping. They know exactly what the youngsters need most or what heart desires are current. Ask for!

Our filter system guides you through the product jungle

Tired of searching for hours and searching through hundreds of online shops? Then you are exactly right at was-soll-ich-schenken.net. Our filter system is designed so that you can proceed in a targeted manner. It takes you step by step to your goal and sorts out all items from the preselection that do not fit your ideas. We briefly summarize how you actively use the product finder:

  • Boys or girls: At the beginning you should choose the gender. That shortens the search.
  • Age of children: The age group is of great importance when it comes to children's gifts. If a child is too young for a product, they cannot play with it properly and is understandably not very enthusiastic. If, on the other hand, the child is too old, the gift quickly becomes boring and has little or no added value. Products intended for children should correspond to the level of mental and physical development. This is the only way to guarantee fun. As part of our pre-selection, you can choose between the age groups 2-4, 5-8 and 9-12 years.
  • Preferences: Every child is unique and develops differently. The interests differ accordingly. For example, while a girl of 10 years likes solving puzzles or engages in music, a boy of the same age may have completely opposite preferences and may be more interested in sports or technical challenges. If you are not sure which gifts are suitable, parents are the ideal contact. Put one or more ticks for preferences like "cozy" or "technical" and limit the preselection sensibly!
  • Relationship: The relationship between you and a child can also be stored in the filter system. You have the choice between “unknown”, “known”, “related” and “friends”.
  • Price: So that your budget is not exceeded, you can set a price framework or a limit. In this way, all gifts that go beyond this are removed from the item overview.
  • Wishes: If a child has a specific wish, you shouldn't waste any time and look for it straight away. Simply enter a suitable keyword in the search window at the bottom left and off you go!

toys and games

There are good toys and bad toys. This becomes clear at the latest when you look into the toy departments of department stores. But even the Internet is sometimes full of inferior cheap products that are anything but safe and suitable for children. We only include items in our range that convince with quality, clean workmanship and age-appropriate features.

In addition to shapely toys made of wood, parlor games, board games, dolls and play figures belong to this product group.

Do handicrafts, paint, research

Painting and handicrafts are interesting for the majority of the children. By using paints and handicraft utensils, they playfully encourage their personal creativity. In our range you will find a wide variety of products, from plaster sets for casting animal figures to bracelets for painting and Lego Technic cars.

At the same time, research into things plays a central role in natural development. The toy industry has a multitude of excellent products up its sleeve, which little researchers and explorers can adequately challenge.

Books, radio plays and more

When children start school at the latest, reading is an important topic. Reading is ideal as a gift to strengthen your skills. Ideally, the content stimulates the imagination and is attractively designed so that the recipient can practice reading on the side. Radio plays are also imaginative gift ideas and give children of all ages a lot of fun with imaginative stories: The range of reading and audio books is diverse:

But books are indispensable even before starting school. The 2017 reading study conducted by the Mainz Foundation for Reading confirmed that many parents start reading aloud too late. According to the experts, children should be read daily from the first year of life in order to promote language development and the ability to concentrate. Reading is also available for this purpose, including “My bedtime story” and “The Sandman and Me”.

tiptoi® products at was-soll-ich-schenken.net

The audio-digital learning system tiptoi®, which is available for books, toys and games from Ravensburger, is very popular. The concept is explained in the video:

In our product selection you will find some tiptoi® books:

Gifts for music fans

Not only audio books contribute to the meaningful design of everyday life. Instruments, music CDs and microphones can also be used to promote musical talent. If you know children who are interested in music, visit our Music Gifts section!

Choose the right age group and the product search engine will suggest suitable solutions!

Sporty gift ideas and everything for the garden

Children have a lot of energy. In order to do justice to the natural urge to move, activities of all kinds are conceivable. We present a varied program of sporty gift ideas that increase the fun of moving.

Kick scooters and walking stilts are equally part of the repertoire, such as table tennis tables, box sets or physically stressed games such as Twister. For families with a garden, climbing frames, trampolines, zorbing bikes or mini-goals are additional options.

Decorative and practical for the children's room

Child-friendly furnishings are required for the loving design of the children's room. We are constantly looking for products with a lively character, which transform rooms into atmospheric retreats and create an inviting atmosphere. With regard to the feel-good atmosphere, light is elementary. Enchanting lamps in the shape of a fox or balloon are predestined for toddlers. Starry sky projectors also have a great effect. For children between nine and twelve years of age, alternatives are available, such as the table lamp with a cinema neon sign or a Pac-Man lamp. Giant beanbags, children's armchairs, flying bookshelves and colorful bed linen enrich the spectrum.

Our photo gifts department is well worth a detour. It contains some fun and decorative objects for children's rooms.

Adventure gifts

A voucher for a great experience that you have with the child can make you a hero. After all, time spent together, in which you have fun together and experience new things, remains anchored in the memory of children, too. In principle, time has now become our most precious asset, which we should give to children in particular. Material things are not always the ultimate and especially in this day and age, when the offspring grow up in abundance in many places, adventure gifts for children are an excellent alternative. How about, for example, camel rides, a GPS geocaching tour or a cooking class? If the budget is irrelevant, a visit to a musical like “The Lion King” could be an option. Such an event leaves emotional traces and gives even the youngest goosebumps.

We cooperate with various providers from various regions so that vouchers can be redeemed flexibly. In order to see the offers for children, under the preferences under "tangible“A catch.

Gifts for 2 to 4 year olds - imitation should be encouraged

Motor skills improve continuously by the age of two. Toys that promote dexterity and hand-eye coordination are now ideal. Building blocks, ball tracks, Playmobil or plug-in puzzles are examples. At the same time, attention should be paid to the so-called “symbol game”. This refers to the imitation game that becomes a topic for children between the ages of two and four. Children of this age can act out everyday experiences and thus better understand them. Children's play kitchens, market stalls, workshops and the classic grocery store with a cash register are ideal for the symbol game.

More gift tips:

  • funny bath toy
  • Soap bubble gloves
  • Treasure chest care fun
  • LED light cushions
  • Children's MP3 player
  • Children's cutlery

Gifts for 5 to 8 year olds - role play and schooling

The role-play phase begins from the age of four to five: children are now able to change perspective and slip into different roles. It is possible for them to understand the feelings, procedures and wishes of another person or a character. For this reason, topics such as pirate, fire brigade or princess are very present at this age. Toys or costumes are not necessarily required to play favorite roles, but if you are looking for an age-appropriate gift, you can make the purchase decision easier with our suggestions on the topic:

The rules game arouses interest between the ages of five and six or should be specifically integrated into everyday life so that children learn to recognize and adhere to rules and to play fairly with each other. Board and parlor games are now being used more and more.

Gifts for school enrollment

In Germany, school enrollment takes place between the ages of 5 and 7. The event is formative and exciting for children. Relatives and acquaintances bring gifts and congratulate them on this great day, which marks the entry into the school system. There are plenty of gifts for school enrollment and for every imaginable preference. Whether you choose school-oriented accessories or general toys is up to you.

Gifts for 9 to 12 year olds - school and communion

In this age group, many parents and their children have to choose a secondary school. Primary school ends and learning becomes even more important. To keep it fun, you can give away games and accessories. Programming kits, games of skill, rubber pencils, puzzles or handicraft utensils for the break are one possibility. But also remote-controlled cars in the learning kit, desk accessories and little things to relax in between. More gift ideas for 9 to 12 year olds:

Some children take communion during the third year of school. Finding beautiful gifts for the occasion is difficult. So that you don't have to go to the celebration of “White Sunday” without a present, it is worth taking a look at our gifts for communion. To ensure that your favorite will also please the communion child, you must not neglect their preferences.

The confirmation, which usually takes place in Germany at the age of 14, should not be left unmentioned at this point. An overview of gift ideas here.

Gifts for girls

It should be clear that not all girls are into pink and princesses. Still, there are some things that are more popular with girls than with boys. A good example is the unicorns trend. To this day, the mythical creatures trigger storms of enthusiasm and are sold in all imaginable versions. You know little unicorn fans? Then the following gifts might be a hit:

Unicorns alone are not enough? No problem, there are many more gift ideas that will make girls' hearts beat faster. Alternatives such as shooting stars necklaces, mugs with a cat look, highlighters with a nail polish design or jewelry boxes are also well received. Since Disney's animated film “Frozen - Totally Unabashed”, many girls have also admired the characters Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Co. The trade in fan articles can also serve this purpose.

Gifts for guys

For boys, hobbies and preferences also crystallize as they get older. Technology and sport are not infrequently predominant. But the discovery of professions and their roles is also concise. Pirates, firefighters, pilots, action heroes and soccer players have a magical attraction for the young generation. But you shouldn't let yourself be influenced too much by gender stereotypes. Neither boys nor girls can be pigeonholed. While some little women prefer to dress up as a pirate instead of playing with dolls, there are enough boys who like dollhouses or love horses. Forget clichés and prefer to orientate yourself on what the kids are currently raving about!

Still, some gift ideas guys might like:

You can find all gift ideas for boys in our specially created section!

Birthday gifts for children

Children's birthdays are exhausting for parents because they want to give their offspring a fantastic day. For children, the special day is first and foremost exciting and the guests are very happy about the souvenirs. With the help of the listed children's products, you too will be given an unusual birthday present. Take a look around and amaze the birthday child with original ideas!

The 10th birthday is an outstanding anniversary for girls and boys that should be celebrated. Corresponding product suggestions are stored under the linked categories.

Tip: Put in the filter system at "personally“A hook to call up customizable products.Children's books, pillows, cuddly toys and much more can be individually designed with names, photos or messages. The result is unique attentions.

Easter and Halloween - further opportunities to give as gifts

The game of hide-and-seek at Easter is firmly linked to the festive traditions. Children in particular look forward to chasing the Easter bunny and discovering Easter gifts. Sweets are high on the agenda for many families at Easter. Regardless of the obligatory chocolate bunny, we recommend our gifts for those with a sweet tooth, which include a variety of delicious little things. But you can also put together completely individual Easter presents that do without chocolate. Cuddly toys, figures, cups and cereal bowls are ideal for hiding.

For packing, decorative baskets, whether bought or homemade, egg cartons and gift bags including Easter grass are advisable.

Halloween gifts

When little ghosts, witches and creepy monsters move from door to door, you can be sure: It's Halloween! To sweeten this eerily beautiful highlight of the year for children, there are some dark finesse:

  • glowing spiders
  • Halloween fingers
  • Collection bag
  • Spider webs
  • Halloween invitation cards

Christmas gifts for children

Christmas, the festival of love and contemplation. In order to convey these values, it would be appropriate to give a few selected things instead of overwhelming children. The flood of gifts tends to overwhelm and the real joy about special features is drowned out in chaos. The categories Christmas gifts, Advent calendars and Santa Claus are filled with sensational suggestions for a magical celebration and happy children.

Tip: In order for children to be able to use their gifts at Christmas, keep in mind that this time of year it is cold outside and the weather offers little opportunity to play outside. A gift that is only meant for this can cause disappointment. After all, the offspring would like to try out new things immediately and patience is limited. Keep this in mind when buying and choose gift ideas that can be used regardless of weather conditions!

Are you pummeling in the run-up to Christmas? There is no shortage of imp gifts. Simply enter the age group and use the product filter!

Packaging tips - colorful wrapping paper and creative extras

You can wrap children's gifts colorful, cheerful and a little crazy. The selection of wrapping paper with funny motifs, animal designs or curious patterns as well as gift ribbons is huge. You can buy gift wrap through us or at local drug stores, department stores, and craft stores. A mother reveals in the video how you can quickly dress up the packaging:

A small arrangement of accessories to spice it up:

  • Googly eyes
  • feathers
  • colorful buttons
  • Sweets
  • Balloons
  • confetti
  • stamp
  • cube
  • feathers

The gift packaging with an animal face, which will be discussed in the next video tutorial, also stages gifts for children:

Regardless of whether you need a birthday present for your son or daughter, sponsored children are to be surprised for Christmas or a small souvenir is required for the next visit to friends: at was-soll-ich-schenken.net you can quickly find your way around Rely on a well-assorted selection of high-quality gifts for every occasion.

Do you need gifts for babies and teenagers? You are sure to find what you are looking for under the links!